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Mindfulness Cards are in the high-demand now!

In general, Affirmation and Mindfulness Card Decks are evergreen products all over the world.

They are great for practicing Self Care!

You can make and sell card decks to the growing market of self-development. But it will take you time, money, and energy to design them from scratch.

Use our beautiful card deck templates instead of figuring out the layout, the placement, and the design on your own.

These card decks are designed in a pack of 30+ printables. Every day, you and your client can take one card to meditate on the message or prayer on the card.

There are four varieties of Card Decks PLR on this page, each made for a different purpose.

Would you like to save money, time, and energy to make pretty card decks?

With a variety of cards here, you can sell these pretty card decks all year over and over again!

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1. Spiritual Card Deck PLR Printable

Spiritual PLR Printable Card Deck for Christian Prayers by Dee Pawar of Shop
Spiritual PLR Card Decks

Spiritual PLR

This customizable Spiritual Cards PLR Deck has 35 cards for daily prayer in US letter size. These are perfect for daily prayer yourself or daily prayer with your family. These editable cards are also great to grow your email list or create digital card decks for your readers of spiritual blogs.

CANVA PLR and PowerPoint PLR formats are provided for easy editing.

Who doesn’t love a quiet relaxing time after a day of hard work?

Use the card decks along with your morning meditation or any routine you follow.

Or use them in the evening to reflect on your day and write in your daily journal.

2. Wealth Mantras Card Deck PLR Printable

Wealth Mantras PLR Printable Card Deck
Wealth Mantras PLR Card Decks

Wealth Mantras Card Deck

This customizable Wealth Mantras Cards Deck has 36 cards for daily abundance affirmations and attracting wealth. These are perfect for practicing daily money mindfulness and working with the Law of Attraction to bring in more money, prosperity, and balance in your finances. Editable in the FREE CANVA platform.

Money thoughts occupy our minds every day. Some of us want to make more money, some of us want to save more money, but all of us want to be abundant to experience wealth.

No matter which part of the money mindset you fall into, these Wealth Mantras will help you and your customers be mindful of money and use the power of affirmations to bring balance to your life.

3. Affirmations for Love Card Deck PLR Printable

Affirmations for Love PLR Printable Card Deck
Affirmations for Love PLR Card Deck

Affirmations for Love PLR

This customizable Affirmations Cards Deck has 36 cards for practicing the Law of Attraction to attract true love and bring compassion to your relationships. Affirmations practice is a very popular practice in all age groups. These PLR Printables are also perfect for practicing daily mindfulness and self-care. Editable on the FREE CANVA platform.

Love is the most powerful healing force in this physical dimension.

But love is the only foundation on which all four dimensions ( that we currently know of) thrive.

Harness the power of Positive and Loving Affirmations to love yourself and then others using these pretty butterfly theme affirmation card decks.

Practice the daily affirmations and see the negative thoughts melt away for good. Cut the cords to constant worry, comparison, confusion or any feeling that your heart knows is not healthy for you.

Let our Affirmations for Love help you and your customers experience the other side of calm and true love.

4. Daily Affirmations to Practice Kindness PLR Printable

Daily Affirmations for Kindness PLR Printable Card Deck
Daily Affirmations PLR Card Decks

Daily Affirmations PLR

This customizable 36-card deck is perfect to help you and your clients cultivate kindness daily, using 30 motivational affirmations. Customers will also get 6 blank cards they can use to write their own affirmations. Easy to edit in Canva and PowerPoint with a commercial license. Grow your coaching practice or sell in your shop.

Kindness is no longer a buzzword!

It is essential to living harmoniously in our growing chaotic world. When we expect others to be kind towards us, it is just one reason to bring conditionality into our daily lives.

Start the practice of daily kindness towards yourself first. Others will follow along seeing you with the glow that Kindness brings to you.

Use our simple, old-fashioned farm-house style checkered design of card decks. Use them for yourself and sell them to your customers.

Commercial PLR products are a WIN-WIN for you personally and commercially.

Just change the card decks with your branding and you’re on your way to making money!

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5 star rating
5 star rating
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5 star rating
I like that it can be used for any aspect of your life, it can even be modified to use for business. I also like that it is a Canva template. I am more used to Canva, learning Affinity, and PowerPoint not my favorite.
I love the graphics on this planner as well
Psychic Coach Christine
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Not only are the colors bright and engaging, the content is so juicy and hot right now! Perfect timing for the fall season, and I love how it not only keeps you organized, but this printable brings families together! Thatโ€™s a big taking for a printable if I say so! You definitely need this in your shop! The files are so easy to brand and customize, you can have them posted within an hour of purchase making $$$. You Rock!.
Mandi Lang

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  • YES Completed planners can be sold or given away in PDF format or as a physical or POD product
  • YES Text and images can be edited/deleted
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Making simple, intuitive product designs is my zen. Use my skills and ready-made templates in your business so you can focus on what you do best.

You will find beautiful, functional, and intuitive templates made especially for coaches in the health and wellness niche, personal development niche, Low content publishing, and productivity niche. These templates come with a commercial license that enables you to quickly turn them into useful products for your end customers.

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