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First things first-

What is the full form of PLR?

The full form of PLR is Private Label Rights. In the online world, people often refer to PLR as Done-for-You (DFY) or Commercial use content.

What does PLR mean?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. This means that you can repurpose the PLR content by editing it fully or partially or using the product as-is for your business purpose. When you purchase the PLR products or the PLR content, you own the rights to use it however you wish, but the copyright to the original PLR product or the PLR content remains with me as a creator.

Can I really just put my name on it and say it’s mine?

Yes, you can! When you purchase PLR content, you are given a license that allows you to do this.

Isn’t it cool?

You can put your name on my design templates and sell them as instant download PDF flattened files or JPG or PNG images- even if you didn’t write or make it yourself!

Of course, there are some rules about how you can use the content- but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Why would I want to use PLR?

There are lots of reasons why people use PLR. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • They don’t have time to write the content themselves or design digital products from scratch. The blank screen can be terrifying when you want the product out but do not know where to start! I’ve been there too.
  • They’re not confident in their writing skills or design skills.
  • They want to add value to their products or services without spending a lot of time or money.
  • They need content for their website or blog but don’t want to spend hours creating it.
  • They want to look professional in the way they create their content and products without spending thousands on custom-made designs

Can I resell your PLR templates?

No, the PLR templates come in either Canva or PowerPoint or both formats. It is against my license rules to sell the Raw/ source Canva Templates and the PowerPoint templates as they are to your end clients.

You can, however, use my PLR templates to modify them, add your branding and website name, and then save the PLR templates as flattened PDF files or PNG or JPG files. This flattened file ensures that your end clients can not extract the individual design elements from the original templates.

Simply said, do not sell my RAW source files or CANVA templates to your end customers as RAW source files or CANVA templates. It is against my PLR license. And I trust that you will follow this main rule.

If the rule is not clear, please feel free to email me anytime at dee@p4plr.com.

How do I flatten the PLR Templates in Canva?

You can flatten the Canva Template easily by following the steps below:

  • Once you make a purchase in our store, open the Canva Template by clicking on the link provided in your file.
  • It will open as a new copy in Canva. ( Make sure you’ve logged into your Canva Account first. If you have not created your Canva Account yet, use this link to open your account. It is free)
  • Make the edits as you wish inside the template. Some of the most common things you can edit are- the fonts, the colors, the text, and the elements. You can remove anything you want or add more content to the templates.
  • Once you’re happy with your editing, click on the share in the top right corner of the Canva Dashboard.
Canva Banner to open the options to save the Canva Template as flattened PDF file
  • It will open the options below. Click on the Download.
Download button in the Canva Dashboard
  • It will ask you to choose the File Type. By default, it will give a suggested option for the file ( depending on the design). The most common file type suggested is PNG.
File format options to flatten the Canva Templates
  • Click on the PNG file name, it will give you more options underneath.
Selection of PDF to flatten the Canva Templates
  • Select either the PDF standard or Print PDF option.
  • Then it will give you the option to Flatten the PDF. Click on this checkbox. And then hit the download button below.
Flatten PDF and download th

You can choose to download all pages or select just a few pages from your final edited design.

How do I flatten the PLR Templates in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint has the feature to save the Templates in PDF format, PNG or JPG formats.

Once you purchase your PLR templates from the store, open the template.

Make the edits if you wish to in the original source file. Some of the most common things you can edit are- the fonts, the colors, the text, and the elements. You can remove anything you want or add more content to the templates.

Once you are happy with the editing, click on the File

It will open a drop-down menu. It will give you options to save the file as PDF, JPG File Interchange format, or PNG Portable Network Graphics Format. Select any one of the file types.

Click on Save.

The new file will be saved on your computer in the format you selected.

Depending on the size of the template, it may take a while for the file to be converted into an uneditable PDF format.

If you select JPG or PNG, the PowerPoint will ask you to select either all slides or only the current file. Choose the slides you want to save. They will all be saved as different images on your computer.

There you go! You have a flattened file of your own.

Simple isn’t it?

If you have any questions on how to flatten your PLR templates, please feel free to email me at dee at p4plr.com.

Is PLR Copyright free?

No, my PLR is not copyright-free.

I create my PLR templates from scratch. That gives me the whole copyright. So you can not claim copyright on any of the PLR products from the P4PLR store.

Similarly, when you create your own content from scratch, you automatically get the copyright to that content.

Can I sell PLR ebooks as Kindle Books?

No. Since you do not own the copyright of these templates, you can not sell the planners as ebooks on Amazon. Always check, read, and understand Amazon Kindle Terms of Use before uploading any content to Kindle.

You can, however, use our simple templates without any designs as internal pages of your book. Then you can add the graphics to these templates. This way you can make your designs unique from others. You can sell this unique ebook on your own site or shop.

Can you make money from PLR Products?

Of course, you do. I would not be in this business if they didn’t make you money.

Just kidding. Good quality, properly edited, well-tested, and clearly marketed products sell. That includes everything- courses, workshops, services, software-everything!


This article- How to use PLR Products to Make Money {30+ Proven Ways} will give you more ideas to use PLR products.

Are PLR articles a good idea?

Sure, why not? PLR articles give you a starting point to write your content. You can take that as an inspiration, or as an outline and add your own flavor to it.

You can also use the PLR articles to write your email newsletters or some portion of your sales copy. There are many ways you can use PLR articles for your business.

Just make sure when you choose a PLR product, you will need to put an effort into selling it to your target customer. If you follow a good strategy to plan and sell the products, PLR products will help you get started without starting from scratch.’


This article- 17 Common Mistakes to Avoid Using PLR Content is a great starting point to repurpose the PLR to get the most benefit from it.

Can you resell MRR?

Yes, you can. But always check the seller’s license for MRR use. I do not sell MRR products (yet!). So I am not your go-to gal for MRR-related questions.

My friend Melody Wigdhal from PLRofthemonth.club sells her Digital Planner Templates with MRR-like rights in her premium membership.

PLR membership with Master Resell Rights and Monthly Training

You can find more about it here and ask her how you can use her templates.

Can you edit PLR content?

Yes, you can. If you have the software or the platform on which you have the right to edit the PLR content, you can do editing easily. E.g. most of my products are made in PowerPoint and Canva platforms.

Both platforms are easy to access. You can use PowerPoint templates on Google Slides as well. But it may not give you a full range of features like PowerPoint software installed on your machine.

Canva offers both FREE and Paid account access. You only need a FREE account if you want to edit my PLR templates.

However, if you want to use premium features like unlimited folders, more brand boards, resizing, mockup, flipbook, and photo background removal, consider investing in Canva Pro.

Price for Canva Pro and Feature comparison table between free and paid Canva

If you pay annually, you can get it for just $ 119. 99. That is $9.99 per month.

Will I be penalized for using PLR content?

This depends on how you are using the PLR content. If you follow the PLR license and repurpose the PLR content to suit your audience’s needs, there is no reason to worry.

Always follow the rules of making your content specific, targeted, and exact. Avoid copying the same content on multiple pages just to attract traffic from search engines. This is considered duplicate content.

When you edit the PLR articles and add your own take on them, run the final version of your article through Copyscape. It is an expensive tool to find if your content is not exactly like others. Once you get zero results, you’re good to go!

Can I use the PLR multiple times?

Yes, you can. At least my content is offered to you to use multiple times. Always check other PLR creators’ rules though. Some creators limit the content use to a certain number.

Can I Mix and Match PLR content from different products?

Yes, you can. This is actually a great way to make your product unique. I often suggest using mix-and-match templates for my clients. In fact, my coaching clients love the mix-and-match templates as they give you more flexibility to turn one PLR product into multiple PLR products.

E.g. My best-selling PLR Product – Ultimate Writer’s Toolkit has a planner, a branding mood board, an 18-month writing calendar, and a ton of pages you can sell as a bundle or giveaway in your writing course or coaching membership.

Ultimate writer's toolkit pages
  • The daily planner is excellent for increasing productivity to boost your writer’s career. It comes with 60+ pages of planning pages for writers, bloggers, authors, and wellness coaches who would like to get into self-publishing. 
  • We have also added an additional sample branding board to help you customize this planner and create multiple products from one planner.
  • To boost daily writing, we have included 18-month writing calendar pages from June 2022- to December 2023. We have also included multiple writing challenges.

Use it yourself or sell or give it away to your customers.

Planners for writers are in demand during winter and NaNoWriMo challenges in November. It is a great time to put this product out there so that your customers can plan their writing challenges in advance.  Meet this demand by offering this beautifully designed boho-themed planner.

In short, I encourage you to repurpose your PLR products to make them unique for your brand and your customers.

If you need more ideas on how to use PLR products, read this article.

Related article: How to use PLR Products to Make Money (30 Proven Ways)

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