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We recently relaunched our website. Or old PLR website was https://consciousdebtfreelife.com. If you were an affiliate on that site, your affiliate account is now on this site. Please do not create a new affiliate account. Thank you!

We love to work with creative and ambitious entrepreneurs who love our products and want to share them with their followers as well as customers.

Our Done-For-You PLR Printable and Digital Planner Templates are made for busy entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs like you to help you start and grow recession-proof online businesses that bring you passive income.

When you become our trusted affiliate, you also earn a commission when you promote the products you already love to use and refer your people to us.

We work with all aspiring and established business owners who believe in our philosophy

Do good and good will come to you

– PROVERBS 11:27

How much can you earn by joining our PLR Affiliate Program?

As our valued affiliate member, you can earn 50% commission on all PLR products and 30% commission on the courses when we launch them. Future memberships promotion will give you a 20% commission every month the members stay subscribed to our memberships.

The below table shows the commission numbers if you promote various types of products from our shop.

Product PriceYour commission
PLR Planner ( Price $37)$18.5
PLR Journal ( Price $27)$13.5
PLR Workbooks (Price $47)$23.5
PLR Bundle Combo sets (Price $57)$28.5
Planner Accessories ( Price $17-$27)$8.5- $13.5
Courses ( Price starting from $49+)$14.7+

PLR Affiliate Program Terms

  • You will promote our products in the most ethical way without spamming or sending an unsolicited commercial email or in groups without the express consent of the receiver of your emails.
  • You will create only one affiliate account with us. And you will accept PayPal payments only. If there is any change in your log-in email, please let us know. You can change your PayPal email by logging into your membership dashboard.
  • You will receive a 50% commission on referrals for products, 30% for courses, and 20% for memberships.
  • The minimum threshold amount is $10.That means you will get paid when your balance reaches a minimum of $10.
  • Affiliate payout happens every Monday or when the minimum threshold of $10 is reached on Monday. If there are any unforeseen circumstances, the payment day may change. However, we will notify you of such a change in a timely manner via email.
  • Affiliate cookies are locked in for 3o days.
  • We use the Last Click Wins method of allocating commission. So promoting our products regularly ensures that you get more latest clicks and hence more commission.
  • You’re welcome to test the affiliate links before promoting us. But you will not receive any commission for the products you buy through your own affiliate links. Such self-purchase commissions will be canceled and if we notice this pattern more than twice, you will lose your affiliate status.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the affiliate application at any point if affiliates do not follow the rules or fail to promote any product even once in 90 days. If you need help in selecting and promoting any product, please email at dee@p4plr.com. We will be happy to help you select the product suitable for your audience.
  • You will whitelist our email address- dee@p4plr.com. This way you can receive our promotional emails well in advance of the new product launches and special offers.
  • We have the right to change or modify these terms at our sole discretion at any time.
  • By accepting our terms, you agree that you’re working as an independent contractor without any partnership or employment relationship with P4plr.com to promote our products.

For any questions on the above terms, please email me at dee@p4plr.com

If you like our philosophy, products, and the way we propose to work together, please sign up below:

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