Memory Cue Cards for Elderly with Dementia PLR (Canva Templates)

Memory Cue Cards for Elderly with Dementia PLR (Canva Templates)

Memory Cue Cards for Elderly with Dementia PLR (Canva Templates)

Holiday is a great time to celebrate with every member of your family. But elderly with dementia or early onset memory loss find it hard to do enjoy holidays fully on their own.

Picture this: Your loved ones or patients, struggling with memory loss and dementia, searching for clarity and connection. Imagine the joy and relief you can bring into their lives with our carefully designed Memory Cue Cards.

Crafted with expertise and compassion, these Canva Templates are tailored specifically for individuals facing cognitive challenges.

Our Memory Cue Cards act as gentle reminders, stimulating memory recall through visual aids and engaging prompts for initiating basic conversation during holiday season.

Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, these customizable templates allow you to create personalized cues and reminders that resonate with each individual's unique experiences, bringing back cherished memories and enhancing cognitive function.

As caregivers, family members, or healthcare professionals, we understand your deep desire to provide the best support possible.

Our Memory Cue Cards empower you to create a warm and nurturing environment, fostering meaningful connections with your loved ones or patients.

Imagine the smiles, the laughter, and the renewed sense of identity as forgotten moments are rekindled, and conversations come alive once again.

Not only will these Cue Cards enhance memory recall, but they will also promote emotional well-being.

By tapping into positive memories and facilitating conversations, you'll create a space for emotional validation, reducing feelings of isolation and frustration for individuals living with dementia.

Experience the profound joy of witnessing your loved ones or patients rediscover their true selves, one memory card at a time.

Simply download the templates, personalize them with photographs, text, or drawings, and watch the magic unfold.

By investing in our Memory Cue Cards, you're investing in a brighter future filled with connection, communication, and renewed vitality for your loved ones or patients.

Don't let dementia define their journey – empower them to reclaim their memories and preserve their sense of self.

You can  even customize these templates for any occasion or day-to-day routines for elderly people.

We also have beautiful background images you can use to customize these templates. Check them out here.

You can also dress these up with our coloring pages and make your own Coloring Planners, Printables, Workbooks, and Calendars. Check them out here.

How to use these templates in your business?
  • Add them into your wellness practice. Give them to family of patients or to patients directly.
  • Add your own branding to the template - E.g Your shop log, banner, tag lines.
  • Edit the Canva Templates to add your own graphics, designs, fonts to fully customize them!
  • Create countless more downloadable products for help your patients for memory with just one CANVA template!
  • Download your designs in PDF, JPG or PNG format before selling or using them.


What you can do?
    YES, you can edit the templates and use them to increase your revenue
    YES Text and images can be edited/deleted
    YES Can be branded as your own
    YES Completed product can be added to paid or free membership sites as a motivational content for your members for their personal use only

What you can not do?
    NO Cannot be copyrighted
    NO, You Cannot share the download page with others
    NO, You Cannot pass on the PLR rights to others whether for sale, for free, or on a membership site. You must sell or give away a completed product only. The Canva templates can not be given away, sold, or shared even if you change the templates

NO, You can not put our name/brand ( Dee Pawar or on the final flattened PNG/ JPG images or PDF format.


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