Are you looking for ways to make money online but don’t know where to start? If so, then you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will discuss more 30+ proven ways you can use PLR Products to make money.

PLR products are a great way to get started in online business because they are pre-written and ready to go. All you need to do is customize them for your own needs so that your audience and customers will benefit from the content.

Let’s get started!

Planner, Pen and Notebook

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There are a lot of creative ways you can use PLR products to make money in your business. But first, let us understand what PLR means.

PLR is a short form of Private Label Rights.

Private Label Rights content is also known as white-label content or done-for-you content.

When creators sell you their product with Private Label rights, they give you permission to sell or give away this product to your end customers for their personal use.

Every PLR creator has a specific license and guide line on how to use their PLR content. But in general, you can alter the PLR product or leave it as is before selling or giving it away.

It is expected that you will not use the PLR content creator’s name in the final product you sell or giveaway. This is because the PLR license products are usually sold to more buyers. This is also the reason; it is advisable to change the PLR product to make it unique to you and your customers.

But how do you use the PLR content to make money?

Sell PLR products in your online stores

Notebooks PLR with flowers

To sell digital downloads or products in your stores, you can use PLR products to create eBooks, reports, printables, and more. All you need to do is find a niche or a unique market that you’re interested in and repurpose the PLR products by adding your logo, brand colors, and small unique touches to the PLR product.

Sell Online Courses

Teaching a good skill to others is a great way to make money online. But if you have never created a course before, use the PLR course to get an outline, the structure as well as the content. Just change the content to suit the needs of your students.

You can also use the PLR products such as PLR Workbook Templates, PLR Slides Templates, and checklists to supplement the training material inside your course.

Sell graphics to business owners and bloggers

Do you have a knack for design? If so, then consider using PLR products to design graphics for people. You can use PLR products to create logos, social media images, and more.

Many bloggers and online business owners need social media images and graphics but don’t have the time or skills to create them on their own. This is where you come in!

Use predesigned editable social media templates like these to create images for people. If you have a passion for design, then this is a great way to make money with PLR products!

You can use Canva Platform to repurpose the Social Media PLR templates and add your brand elements to them.

If you love making your artwork, you can even make money by selling it on various platforms or teaching others how to make this art. The course by Peggy Dean, a professional illustrator, and teacher, provides valuable information on how to earn money from your artwork.

Start a membership site to earn recurring income from PLR products

If you want to make recurring income, then consider starting a membership site. You can use PLR products to create content for your members each month.

People love to get unique and helpful content every month without having to worry about finding new content every month. It saves them time, and energy and if they trust you as a content creator, you can form a win-win relationship using the membership.

If you want to learn how to create a profitable membership site, my friend and 6-figure coach, Cindy Bidar has an excellent course- Membership site Mastery on this topic.

Become an affiliate and earn passive income

If you want to make money by promoting PLR products, then consider becoming an affiliate of the PLR Store.

You can promote PLR products through your blog, social media, or email list. When people purchase the PLR product through your link, you’ll earn a commission!

We also have an affiliate program here at Take a look at our affiliate benefits here.

Start a profitable niche blog

Blogging is a great way to make money online. You can use PLR products – especially PLR articles to create blog posts, eBooks, and more.

I started my online entrepreneurship journey with blogging and then started creating PLR products.

There are a lot of high-quality articles written for different niche topics. Simply find a niche that you’re passionate about and repurpose the PLR articles for your audience.

If you are in Business, self-development, and health niche, Piggy Makes Bank has a great collection of PLR articles. Check out their FREE PLR Articles here.

List of ways to make more money using PLR products

Sell printables that solve a unique problem for your customers

Printables are a great way to make money online. You can use PLR products to create printable journals, workbooks, printable coloring worksheets, printable planners, and more.

Find good keywords that people are searching for on Google. Find the most asked questions and use PLR printables to solve this problem.

Save time doing this on your own using a good quality keyword research tool such as Keysearch, Ahref’s FREE Keyword Generator tool, or SEMrush. I have personally used all and then switched to Keysearch full time as it is the most cost-effective and gives me good results.

Grow your coaching or consulting services using PLR content

If you’re a coach, then you know the importance of content. You can use PLR products to create eBooks, workbooks, email courses, and more.

Supplement your coaching material with pretty and functional PLR Printables like these and offer them to your coaching clients.

If you are looking for great feminine and fully mobile-optimized coaching website templates, check out these starter packs.

Sell PLR products as a freelance writer

If you enjoy writing, then consider using PLR products to write ebooks, short reports, recipe books, or even fictional books for businesses, authors, and bloggers.

This is also known as Ghostwriting. You can also combine the PLR printables with the PLR articles and sell them as a bundle to bloggers.

Earn Affiliate commission by writing reviews

Make Affiliate Commissions from reviews of PLR Products
Review PLR Products to earn a good affiliate commission

You can also make money by writing reviews for PLR products. Many people are looking for honest opinions about PLR products before they purchase them. If you write good quality reviews, you can earn a decent affiliate commission from sending people to the product shop.

There are also PLR articles that describe the product reviews. Of course, it is great if you have firsthand bought the product you want to write reviews about. But at times, even when you use the product for years, it can be hard to write a good review.

In this case, you can use a PLR article from a well-known content writer and repurpose it by adding your own experience of using the said product.

Leanne from Passive Income Superstars has a great resource on earning affiliate income using the best practices. She also includes a ton of templates, checklists, and the best affiliate programs to sign up for in her well-known course- Affiliate Marketing Superstars. I have personally loved taking this course and using many tips from it in my blogs.

If you want to just get the list of good affiliate programs to sign up for, check out her preferred Affiliate Program Master List today!

Sell Physical Products by Repurposing PLR Products

Many PLR products also give you a license to print their designs on the physical products.

You can make Mugs, T-shirts, Journals, notebooks, planners, pretty stationery, clothing, wall art prints, etc using the PLR products that give you a POD license.

Our PLR Digital Papers and Backgrounds also come with POD licenses.

Design bundles are a great source for Print-on-demand graphics. Their extended commercial license allows you to sell these graphics on physical products.

To make beautiful ebooks, look into a cloud-based platform Designrr. I use it to convert PDF planners and journals into flipbook videos.

Enhance your existing digital products using PLR Products to sell for more value

Another great way to use PLR products is to enhance your existing products.

E.g if you are selling an ebook, add checklists, workbooks, planners, or journals with it. This way your customers will get more value for the same price of the ebook.

PLUS bonuses always convert better than just a single product.

Sell PLR products in online forums such as Warrior Plus, Reddit, Quora, etc

Forums are a great way to sell your digital courses and products. You can find PLR products that are related to the niche of the forum and then start selling them. Make sure to provide value to the forums by offering quality PLR products.

Some of these platforms are completely free to join. You will need to learn the best practices to sell on these platforms. When it comes to forums, the main rule is first to provide lots of value to your customers, often for free, and then sell them your products later.

Build profitable funnels using PLR products

Make Money by Selling More PLR Products in your Sales Funnel
Typical Sales Funnel with a Free Lead Magnet and couple of upsell offers

Building a funnel of related products is a great way to increase your revenue. Funnel is essentially a series of products you offer once a customer adds one product to their cart. The related products of higher value can be sold for a one-time discount offer as upsell/ order bumps in the funnel.

E.g. If you are selling a journal to your customer, offer a planner or a workbook for an additional price in the same order. This way they can save money instead of buying planners/workbooks separately if they want them in the future.  

Using PLR products to create such a funnel is the smartest way to earn more income.

It is much easier to convince an existing customer to purchase an order-bump than to find a new customer.

Most shopping cart platforms allow to set up upsells. I use it on Amember and my friend uses it on Product Dyno. If you want to learn how to create a great funnel or a tripwire (also known as upsell), Leanne from Passive Income Superstars has a great course on creating a profitable tripwire in a day. I have personally taken the course and enjoyed it while making my first upsell.

If you are only looking for done-for-you funnels to sell your products, Monica from Empowered Business Shop has beautiful and streamlined Funnel Templates such as an Ultimate Tripwire Page Template.

You can use Monica’s funnels on the Free Elementor platform and Leadpages Platform. Check out her popular Triple=Dip-Funnel Template here!

Promote your business or website on social media using the PLR products

Use beautifully designed PLR templates to create social media images, engaging quotes, and captions for your social media followers.

You may not earn quick money doing this but you will definitely inspire a lot of people using the high-quality images in your social media feed.

Instagram Captions Templates

Once people start following you, you can sprinkle your products or blog links in some of the social media posts. The best way to grow your audience is using Pinterest.

My friend and 6 figure blogger Carly Campbell from Pinteresting Strategies designs amazing Pin images and gives her templates to bloggers to use for their personal blogs. Check out here FREE pin templates here.

Participate in bundles and giveaways to promote your business

Greeting Cards and Pencils

PLR products are great to use as gifts in bundles and giveaways.

These events are designed to give maximum value to larger audiences for a small fee or completely free. This way you can get good get exposure for your business.

Then you can continue nurturing your audience via your email newsletters and other forms of content on your site.

Create and sell highly engaging email courses using PLR Courses

Building an engaged email list is the best way to grow your business. And building an email course is the next best thing to grow your business quickly.

With an email course, you do not have to invest in a costly course platform. All you need is to have an email service provider and a way for people to pay for the email course.

You can even start with a free email course and sell your paid offer- a product, a service, or a coaching program towards the end of the free email course.

5- day and 7-day emails are the best way to get more engagement from your audience. Suzzanne and Tracy from Piggy Makes bank make great 7-day PLR content. You can repurpose this PLR for your audience.

Write a great Email Newsletter using PLR Products

If you have a great list of subscribers or followers who read your newsletters, you know that writing newsletters every week with great content takes a long time. I spent an average of 1-2 hour every time I write a good quality newsletter.

You can actually save this time and repurpose the PLR content to suit your newsletter topic. Since I started doing this, I have cut down my newsletter writing time by 70%.

You can also write evergreen newsletters using PLR content and put them on automation to save even more time.

There are various topics you can share as evergreen topics such as holiday/ seasonal content, new year productivity tips, a Vision board for the new year, self-care content, and best recipes for different seasons.

I personally auto-schedule my evergreen newsletter in Bird send Newsletter. It has great newsletter formats.

If you want to learn how to schedule an evergreen newsletter, my friend and a hugely successful blogger Victoria Pruette from A Modern Homestead has a course on Truly Evergreen Newsletters. This course will save you a ton of time from writing seasonal newsletters.

Offer 30-day challenges on your blog

Calendar, Pen and Ribbons
Use PLR to Run 30-day challenges

Challenges are popular ways to build engagement in your blog.

You can offer them for free or for a small fee. Free challenges are also a great way to showcase your expertise and offer more value to a completely new audience. Once they get benefits from an actionable challenge, you can sell your paid offers to them.

5- day, 10-day, 21- days and 30-day challenges are the most common among people.

The most popular one is a 30-day challenge. I also have 30-day challenges series in my shop. Click here to find the 30 day Challenges PLR products that interest you!

Related Article- 30 Day Challenges to Build Your Authority Online

Start a money-making YouTube channel by repurposing PLR videos

There are some PLR video creators who sell video content exclusively. And there are some content creators who sell videos as part of their PLR packages.

Tools for Motivation PLR Shop is excellent when it comes to creating high-quality PLR content and videos for Personal Development topics. They often share FREE PLR Downloads in their store.

Their packages are huge- you can use the PLR videos as-is or change the text overlay to make them unique to you.

Sell PLR Products locally

If you have local events or a shop where you sell locally, use printed PLR products for growing your business.

Sell PLR Planners and Journals Locally to Make Money
Sell PLR Products at local craft fairs and markets

Add your logo, branding, and shop names to the material and print them at a local print shop such as Staples, Office Depot, or Walmart.

Sell Audiobooks online

Create an audiobook from the written PLR ebook and sell it in your stores or membership sites to people who love to listen to an audiobook on the go.

Create Podcast content using PLR Products

Speaker, Mobile, Table for PODCAST
Repurpose PLR Articles for scripting your PODCAST episodes

Use the written PLR content in your podcasts. This way you do not have to start from scratch. Take inspiration from the content and add your own take on it.

Buzzsprout is a great Podcast platform for new and established podcasters. (

Use PLR Products in your Classrooms as a teaching material

Many teachers spend days planning their classroom teaching material. Do you know there is a helpful site- called Teachers Pay Teachers made for teachers that sell educational printables?

You can use PLR printables to make pretty and educational worksheets for those teachers. The average selling price of good quality educational printables is around $2.5. But you can sell bundles of printables for a particular subject and charge more.

Use PLR Printables in your Homeschool

As a homeschooling parent, you know the cost of educational supplies can add up pretty quickly.

Save that cost by getting the PLR printables in a bundle. In a typical PLR bundle, you will get anywhere between 20 to 40 PLR full-size products for one low price. The best part is these are all PLR downloadables that you can print at home and reuse multiple times in your homeschool.

E.g for your art classes, think about investing in done-for-you PLR coloring worksheets. Currently, there is a huge bundle sale going on.

PLR Coloring Worksheets in a bundle

The ” Color My Holidays” bundle has a theme of holiday celebrations. You will get 33 full-size PLR coloring worksheets and products in this bundle for only $27. That is less than $1 for each product.

I have also participated in this bundle with my “Beautiful Memories of Holidays” Journal. This is a mix-and-match journal covering 4 holidays of the year- Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year.

Use this journal to create beautiful memories with your kids and teach them the importance of celebrating holidays together as a family!

Check this bundle today as it is only available for a few more days.

Use PLR Slide Templates to make your work presentations

If you are a part of your office team or a leader who makes frequent presentations at your workplace or client sites, consider repurposing the done=for-you PLR slide templates to make professional presentations.

It will save you a lot of time. That time can be used to do other money-making projects. I remember how much time I and my team used to spend on making deadly boring presentation slides- all charts, numbers, and the same old background slides. We even used to call those days “Death by PPT” days. We were half dead during those long-winding C-level steering committee meetings.

Wish we had known about PLR slide templates back then. I would have jumped into this business of making PLR templates a lot earlier.

Anyway, there is a huge market of people who still do “jobs” that require churning multiple presentations a day. Serve these people with your beautiful PLR templates.

Make and sell beautiful Ebooks using PLR content

PLR ebooks are a pretty popular form of PLR content. Do you know you can even make smaller ebooks called workbooks using PLR content? They are more actionable and give quick wins than 100+ pages of ebooks.

You can even use them to supplement your blogging or coaching content. Your readers and clients will love you for giving them actionable PLR worksheets.

Check out these pretty PLR Workbooks today. If you have a request to make special workbooks, feel free to email me or submit your request in our Contact Form here.

There are definitely other types of PLR content out there, and the opportunities really are endless!

These are just a few of the ways you can use PLR products to make money online and offline.

Use PLR Articles to build your authority in your niche

Two ladies with coffee mugs

Bloggers and content creators know the importance of building your authority in your niche. Guest posting is a great way to do that.

Pitch your article ideas to experts and bloggers in your niche. Use the PLR articles for inspiration and for pitching. If they like your idea, use the written PLR to create an outline for your guest post.

Always make sure that you follow the blogger’s guidelines for guest-posting as they can have specific requirements for you to write your blog posts. Add your author bio underneath the article and include your blog name/ social media links in it.

There are various ways you can grow your backlinks. Debbie Gartner from has a great ebook called Easy Back Link SEO on this topic.

Use PLR products to flip the niche websites for a handsome profit

Niche websites are a great way to make a good side income. Some bloggers make a full-time living from building a niche website, making them profitable, and then flipping it for a good profit.

Some entrepreneurs like Sadie Smiley from earn 6 figures from selling these sites. She also helps bloggers in earning passive income from blogging, making digital products, courses, affiliate marketing, and memberships. I am a member of her Passive Income Pathways membership.

Along with me, she has helped several entrepreneurs start their niche blogs. Do take a look at her Passive Income Pathways Membership today!

You may hear from some bloggers that using PLR content for blogging is risky. But they do not advise which type of PLR content should not be used. I have so much to say on this topic. In fact, it deserves a separate article. Stay tuned to this space as I will write about it soon.

Use PLR content in your ministry or NGO

If you work for a non-profit organization or have a ministry, consider using PLR content to share with your members. It will save you a ton of time, energy, and money. You can find Faith-based PLR products like Prayer Journal, and Prayer Cards on my site and also on Sadie’s PLR shop here.

Use PLR content to create Bonuses for your clients

Who does not love a good bonus? I do! and PLR can be your best friend to quickly whip out good bonus material.

When you sell your current product or coaching or membership sites, use the PLR products to include bonuses.

Bonuses help convert casual visitors to your shop into paid customers. You can even offer bonuses made from PLR content to promote affiliate offers.

There are many ways to use PLR content for your business- for both the online and offline components of it. Use any of these ideas to take advantage of the PLR.

The best way you can use PLR Products to make money is by starting with a simple PLR Product today.

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