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  • NEW! Power Words List For Sales
    Do you want to create offers for courses that sell like hotcakes? Then you need to use this list of powerful single words and power phrases in your sales copy. the list includes 40 power words for every course creator, coach, marketer, and blogger who wants to create irresistible offers.
  • NEW! Gift Guide Templates for Blog and Coaches
    Want to suggest cool gifts to your blog readers or coaching clients? Look no further! Our gift guide templates are easy to edit in Canva. Just select some of the most popular gifts/ resources of this year and use their images in these pretty gift guide templates. Comes in 5 sizes for promoting on social media, email newsletters, Pinterest, and your Blog.
  • BUNDLE DEAL-Greeting Cards for Business and Thank you Card Templates for your Business
    Every business owner, blogger, and coach needs a way to thank their customers for year-round support. Make your thank you messages stand out from the rest of the marketing world using our done-for-you templates for New Year Greeting Cards and Thank you cards Templates.
  • Greeting Cards for Business Templates
    Start the new year off right by sending a beautiful greeting card to your customers and partners! Our Greeting Card for Business Templates is vibrant in color and simple to edit in a jiffy on the Canva Platform. Get 20 greeting cards for the new year.
  • "Thank you for your Business" Card (Canva) Templates
    Do you need to say thank you to a customer or business partner for their recent purchase or support? These "Thank you for your Business" cards templates are easy to edit in Canva, so you can quickly add your own text and customize it to fit your brand. You get 12 Thank you for your purchase cards in a variety of designs.


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