• Affirmations for Love Cards Deck PLR Printable
    This customizable Affirmations Cards Deck has 36 cards for practicing Law of Attraction to attract true love and bring compassion in your relationships. Affirmations practice is a very popular practice in all age groups. These PLR Printables are also perfect for practicing daily mindfulness and self-care. Editable in the FREE CANVA platform. Sell them to your customers who want to practice Affirmations for Love without designing them from scratch.
  • Stronger together: A Relationship Building Activity Journal
    Are you a couple looking for relationship-building activities? Use our journaling for couples templates. These include relationship-building questions, couple's journal prompts and exercises for couples whether married or not. This couple's journal book is perfect for you if you want to build trust and an intentional relationship with your life partner. Because together we are stronger! This done-for-you journal template comes in 2 sizes editable PowerPoint and Canva e files with a commercial license.
  • Relationship-building Activity Pack PLR Templates
    This Relationship-building activity pack is perfect for couples to celebrate life together and form a bond of love, honesty, and trust. The pack includes done-for-you greeting card templates, gift tag templates, and more.
  • 2023 -Weekly Marketing Calendar and Planner
    Are you looking for a way to stay organized and get more done in your marketing efforts without overwhelm? Check this 2023 Calendar and Planner for your weekly marketing efforts. You’ll love how this planner helps you map out your week so you can focus on the most important tasks. Easily editable in Canva and comes with commercial use license.
  • Unique Digital Vision Board Templates Mega Bundle
    Want to help your customers fulfill their goals in 2023? Our Digital Vision Board Templates make it easy for your customers to see the future they want and to stay focused on their goals. . This mega bundle comes with 10 unique, beautiful designs that can be used on all computer monitors, phones and tablets. : With the easy-to-use drag and drop editing feature, creating custom vision boards has never been easier. Get your own set of digital vision board templates now and start manifesting your life goals today! Add these to your collection now.
  • Daily Manifestation Journal
    Are you looking for a way to live an intentional life and manifest your dreams? Introducing the Daily Manifestation Journal 3-6-9 method, a proven technique that combines numerology and the law of attraction. This journal will help you co-create with the universe using numbers to open up channels for communication. Grab your copy of Daily Manifestation Journal today and begin manifesting your dream life!
  • Conscious Life Focus Planner & Journal Combo Set
    Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? Our conscious life focus planner and journal is the perfect way to start taking care of yourself. It will help you relax and focus on your goals without compromising on your busy lifestyle. Comes with both Commercial use and Personal Use rights.
  • Power Words List For Sales
    Do you want to create offers for courses that sell like hotcakes? Then you need to use this list of powerful single words and power phrases in your sales copy. the list includes 40 power words for every course creator, coach, marketer, and blogger who wants to create irresistible offers.
  • Affirmations for Success Phone WallPapers- Commercial Use
    With these affirmations on your phone, you’ll start your day feeling motivated and ready to take on anything. Scroll through them throughout the day when you need a quick pick-me-up, or save them as your lock screen for an instant mood boost. The wallpapers are editable on FREE Canva Platform.
  • PLR Ebook Template
    Looking for a way to easily create beautiful, professional ebooks? Look no further! Our ebook template was designed with coaches, nutritionists, bloggers and strategists in mind. It's easy to use and helps you quickly create beautiful ebooks that look polished and professional.
  • Etsy Bookmarks Mockup Kit
    Looking for a way to increase your sales of printable bookmarks? Check out our amazing bookmark mockups! They’re designed to help you attract more buyers and book lovers to your shop. Easily editable in the Canva platform. You get 12 mockups.
  • Cherishing the Moments Daily Planner
    Mindfulness and Intentional living are evergreen topics all over the world. This daily planner will help you and your customers manage 6 areas of your life with intentional daily productivity. Comes with editable and customizable PowerPoint Template to sell or giveaway.
  • Choosing Kindness- 30-day Journal
    This done-for-you journal will help coaches and creative business owners spread the message of choosing kindness to their client, patients and overwhelmed busy families.Comes in two sizes - A4 and US Letter in Editable Canva and PowerPoint formats. With commercial license, you can sell it or give it away to build your business or coaching practice.
  • Daily Affirmations Card Decks for Cultivating Kindness
    This customizable 36-card deck is perfect to help you and your clients cultivate kindness daily using 30 motivational affirmations. Customers will also get 6 blank cards they can use to write their own affirmations. Easy to edit in Canva and PowerPoint with a commercial license. Grow your coaching practice or sell in your shop.
  • Spiritual Cards PLR for Daily Prayer
    This customizable Spiritual Cards PLR Deck has 35 cards for daily prayer in US letter size. These are perfect for daily prayer yourself or daily prayer with your family. These editable cards are also great to grow your email list or create digital card decks for your readers of spiritual blogs.CANVA PLR and PowerPoint PLR formats for easy editing.
  • NEW! Gift Guide Templates for Bloggers and Coaches
    Want to suggest cool gifts to your blog readers or coaching clients? Look no further! Our gift guide templates are easy to edit in Canva. Just select some of the most popular gifts/ resources of this year and use their images in these pretty gift guide templates. Comes in 5 sizes for promoting on social media, email newsletters, Pinterest, and your Blog.
  • Affirmations for Health - Coloring PLR Printable Journal
    Affirmations for Health are one of the best tools to help you on your health and wellness journey. Use this beautiful coloring PLR printable journal and the 30 affirmations for health daily to improve your life. Includes daily planner printable as well. Comes with commercial use license and two sizes for easy editing on Canva Platform.
  • NEW! Wellness PLR- Virtual Coaching Workbook
    This done-for-you workbook help coaches build or expand their coaching practice onto a digital platform of their own. Comes in two sizes and in Editable PowerPoint format.
  • 90-day Planner Templates ( January- March 2023)
    Feeling overwhelmed with all the things you need to do in your life as an entrepreneur, coach or blogger? Check out our 90 day planner templates. They’re designed to help you get organized and achieve your goals in just 3 months. Comes with a commercial license and in 4 planner sizes.
  • Affirmations for Career Cards Deck PLR Printable
    You deserve the best career possible. Sometimes it's hard to know how to get there. That's where our Affirmations for Career PLR Card Deck Printable comes in! It's filled with 52 powerful affirmations for a career that will help you achieve your goals and manifest your dream career. The cards are editable on FREE Canva Platform
  • Brand kit/ board template (Canva) -Grounded and Centered
    Looking to create a cohesive and inspiring brand identity for your business? This brand kit or Brand board template is perfect for coaches and entrepreneurs who want to establish a strong visual presence and stay consistent in their content creation. Grounded and centered theme -easily editable in Canva!
  • Free printable 30 day challenge calendar Template PLR Printable
    Grow your business and social media following with this customizable free printable 30 day challenge calendar Template in Pink Design. This done-for-you template comes in 4 sizes - US Letter, A4, 8 X 10 inches, and 6 X 9 inches. The template is easily editable in Canva. Personal use and Commercial use to grow your blog, website, social media following or your coaching practice.
    FREE (Reg. $7)
  • 30 day challenge calendar template in Retro Design- PLR Printable
    Free printable 30-day challenge calendar template in retro design is in demand now. Grow your income by running a 30-day challenge for your customers, members or audience. This customizable 30 Day challenges Ideas Template comes in 4 sizes - US Letter, A4, 8 X 10 inches, and 6 X 9 inches. The template is easily editable in Canva. Personal use and Commercial use to grow your blog, website, social media following or your coaching practice.
    FREE (Reg $7)
  • New Vegan Diabetic Recipes Ebook Template
    This ebook template is perfect for you to add your vegan diabetic recipes, diabetic breakfast smoothies, insulin resistance recipes, and 1200 calories diabetic meal plan. Easily editable in FREE Canva Platform. the ebook comes in two sizes A4 and US letter. There are 4 editable PDF files as well for Recipe Card, Weekly Meal Plan, Grocery List and Pantry List.
  • BUNDLE DEAL-Greeting Cards for Business and Thank you Card Templates for your Business
    Every business owner, blogger, and coach needs a way to thank their customers for year-round support. Make your thank you messages stand out from the rest of the marketing world using our done-for-you templates for New Year Greeting Cards and Thank you cards Templates.


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