Ambitious Entrepreneur's Sanity Saving Workbook and Planner

Ambitious Entrepreneur's Sanity Saving Workbook and Planner

Ambitious Entrepreneur's Sanity Saving Workbook and Planner Combo set with Commercial License!

Do you know, since the last decade, many people are switching from their full-time jobs to entrepreneurship? With this pandemic, people have taken a break to rethink their life and work priorities. But this is a big lifestyle change, one that is filled up with many decisions with the potential to make or break the confidence of these budding entrepreneurs.

With the increase in chronic illnesses, people need to manage their energy on the things that demand their attention.  As people’s lives are getting more stressful, they are looking for solutions to achieve their ambitions without sacrificing the quality of their lives. Coaches, business managers, and creative professionals are constantly looking for done-for-you unique planners and workbooks. Meet this growing demand with this unique combination of a "sanity-saving workbook and goals" planner.

There are a lot of planners in the market but not many of them are designed for people with chronic illnesses. I personally struggle with Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis. It limits how much work I can do. This planner focuses on evaluating your daily energy, including self-care and weekly admin tasks at the heart planning. This planner and workbook set will help you reach the market with a unique offering.

Offer this to your customer and gain a competitive advantage in the business planner niche.  Add your creativity to these pages without starting from scratch

Presenting Done- For-You for Ambitious Entrepreneur's Sanity Saving Workbook and Planner Combo set with Commercial License!

This product has the following features-

File Type:

    Canva Template


    US Letter size = 8.5” wide x 11” high (used in the USA)
    A4 = 210 x 297 mm or 8.3 x 11.7″ (used in Australia & the UK)

Mix and Match Pages:

    Beautifully Designed Abstract Covers – 3 Front Cover and 3 Back Covers
    Three “Belongs to” pages
    Resolution Pages for Health, Business, Marketing, Selling Platforms,
    Work-stream planning for each selling platform
    Affiliate Income Resolutions and Partner Details
    Skills, Finances, and Self-care Resolutions planning.
    Undated month calendar – 2-Page spread with a focus on objectives, income, and expenses
    Monthly Master Task Lists Page
    Weekly Action Plan with the energy level for each day.
    Daily Plan of Action- color-coded for 7 days
    Daily One focus goal sheet- Color-coded for 7 days.
    Weekly Admin Tasks
    Lined Notes Page
    Dot-grid Doddle Page
    2 Sheets for Functional planning stickers and tabs


What you can do?
    YES Completed product can be sold or given away in PDF format or as a physical or POD product
    YES Text and images can be edited/deleted
    YES Can be branded as your own
    YES Completed product can be added to paid or free membership sites
    YES Can be bundled with other products in PDF form

What you can not do?
    NO Cannot be copyrighted
    You Cannot share the download page with others
    You Cannot pass on the PLR rights to others whether for sale, for free, or on a membership site. You must sell or give away a completed product only. The Canva templates, PPTX, and PNG files may not be passed on.
    You cannot use or Dee Pawar name on the finished product

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