Unique Digital Vision Board Templates Mega Bundle

Unique Digital Vision Board Templates Mega Bundle

Vision Board Templates MEGA Bundle- Commercial License

Want to help your customers fulfill their goals in 2023?

Our Digital Vision Board Templates make it easy for your customers to see the future they want and to stay focused on their goals.

A vision board can help people set their goals and make sure that they stay motivated throughout the year. Our Digital Vision Board templates in Canva are specifically designed for people who want to take a proactive approach to their lives.

This mega bundle comes with 10 unique, beautiful designs that can be used on all computer monitors, phones and tablets. Whether it's one board per goal or all combined into one - these templates have you covered!

Every year people make new year resolutions and spend quite a lot of time planning about them. But they need help sticking with the resolutions every single day. Else, those resolutions fade away by the time Valentine's Day rolls around.

Hence, the concept of a vision board came around a few decades back. For years, people tend to use magazine cutouts, inspirational cards, and other decorated paper ephemera to make their vision boards. Such vision boards have helped countless people visualize their goals every day and bring them to reality. But when people travel or move from one location to another, they need to carry their physical vision boards to a new location.

Offer these unique digital vision boards to your customers. With our easy-to-use drag and drop editing feature, creating custom vision boards has never been easier. 

Utilize our custom digital vision boards on devices such as monitors at home or work, phones while busy commuting or tablets while taking leisure time off – we’ve got all the bases covered.

Now, inspiration is only one click away no matter what situation or environment you're in.

Plus they’re specially designed with beautiful colors and fonts that will look aesthetically pleasing wherever they’re being used – this way even looking at them will keep motivation levels high up!

Offer them as solo boards or in a bundle - one for each life goal. Just customize them with your brand, colors, and unique graphics and sell them in your shop or other selling platforms.  

There is a huge market for vision boards in quarter 4 and even in early January.The vision boards are popular among small business owners, coaches, healers, bloggers, and even busy parents. This bundle also comes with inspirational sticky notes. Offer them as an add-on with your goal-setting planning or journals and reach a wide range of buyers in the self-help niche. Add your creativity to these pages without starting from scratch.

Presenting Done-For-You Digital Vision Board Templates Mega Set!

Take a look at sample templates in this video here.

This set comes with the following-

File Types:

   -  PowerPoint. You can also use it on Google Slides
   -  Canva Template
   -  PDF and

- Images in JPG as well as PNG formats


For screens and monitors-

- 1280 X 720 px-

- 1920 X1480 px

- 1280X 800 px-

- 850X480 px- most common for tablets

- 1080X1920PX  for Phone

- 11 X8.5 in - wall calendar

- 10X 8 inch- most common photo frame size

Get your own set of digital vision board templates now and start manifesting your life goals today!

These vision board templates work perfectly well with our Daily Manifestation Journal- based on 369 method of manifesting.


What you can do?
    YES, you can edit the templates and use them to increase your social media following.
    YES Text and images can be edited/deleted
    YES Can be branded as your own
    YES Completed product can be added to paid or free membership sites as a motivational content for your members


What you can not do?
    NO Cannot be copyrighted
    You Cannot share the download page with others
    You Cannot pass on the PLR rights to others whether for sale, for free, or on a membership site. You must sell or give away a completed product only. The Canva templates, PPTX, and PNG files may not be passed on.
    You cannot use p4plr.com or Dee Pawar name on the finished product

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Work Smart, not Hard!

Access Done-For-You Templates with Commercial License Today!



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